Philips Infraphil 13373F/479 heat lamp
Philips Infraphil heat lamp print type A
Philips Infraphil heat lamp print type B
Philips Infraphil heat lamp print type C
type A
type B
type C
From around 1950 the Infraphil heat
lamps carried the type number
13373F/479, independent of the armature
they were sold in. In the mids of the
1950s the front of the glass bulb became
more flattened. This version of the lamp
was produced until about 1965 and it
existed with three types of print on the
front. The oldest print with the Infraphil
logo as used on the early lamps (type A),
a later print with a circular text without
logo or wordmark (type B) and finally a
print with three Philips shield emblems in
a circular configuration (type C). In 1964 the production code indication with points
and stripes was changed into a single character and a one-digit number as can be
seen in the B- and C-type prints.