Philips Infraphil PAR38F and PAR38E heat lamp
Around 1980 the pressed glass haet lamp
13379F was replaced by a modernised
version, the PAR38F. A few years later
the bayonet sockets of the Infraphil
armatures were replaced by E27 screw
sockets, common for normal
incandescent lamps since the early
1920s. The E stands for Edison, the
original inventor of the system, and 27 is
the diameter of the screw in millimeters.
The corresponding Infraphil lamp is the
PAR38E. The print on the PAR-lamps
was of the type C version with the three
Philips shield emblems, the operation voltage, the power dissipation (150W), the type
number, a production code, the country of origin and both the trademark Philips and
brand name Infraphil. There were PAR38E heat lamps where the brand name Infraphil
was replaced by the code IR but these were heat lamps for general purposes.
PAR38E lamps without reflector and Fresnel lens also existed but these were for
lighting purposes only and not appropriate for medical heating applications.