ICI and Philips circular logos
Philips Infraphil 7525 heat lamp
Philips Infraphil 7525N heat lamp
The style of the Philips logos on the
Infraphil products reflected the
development of the Philips logo over the
years. At first, Infraphil armatures only
carried a circular logo with three waved
lines and two pairs of stars. This logo had
been registered as a Philips trademark in
1934 but since it resembled the logo of
the British company ICI (Imperial
Chemical Industries) too much, Philips in
1948 registered a shield shaped emblem
with stars, waves and the wordmark
Philips in it. Although the new shield
emblem was used for the Infraphil heat
lamp products too, the original circular
logo was maintained throughout the entire
752_-series with exception of the
Australian Philips Infraphil 7525N heat
lamp that from the beginning was
equipped with the red and gold shield
emblem only.