Philips Infraphil KL7500 heat lamp
the 2008 Philips wordmark update
During the introduction of the first Philips
Infraphil heat lamp, de Philips wordmark
consisted of the name 'Philips' in uniform
capital letters and in a sans-serif font.
This wordmark was initially printed on the
heat lamps, in the user manuals and on
the packaging of the armature. It was
only in 1960 with the introduction of the
Philips Infraphil KL7500 that the Philips
wordmark was used on the armatures as
The Philips wordmark was modernised in 2008. The characters became a little thicker
and somewhat closer together, there came a difference in thickness between the
horizontal and the vertical lines, the P’s and the S became more round and open, the
L became skewed at the lower right end
and a deeper tint of blue was used. The
renewal of the Philips wordmark coincided
with the end of the commercial exposure
of the Infraphil brand name. Infraphil heat
lamps that were produced since 2008
carried the new Philips wordmark but no
longer the brand name Infraphil.